Marketing and branding professional Brian Oster is President and Creative Director of OC Creative, board chair of several organizations, and has spoken throughout the Midwest to groups of 20 to 200. His dynamic and interactive presentations on leadership and branding can grow your organization and help you reach a new audience.


Build Me A Leader

No matter how you approach it—looking to build yourself into a better leader or wondering how to build leaders from your current workforce—everyone has room to grow in the field of leadership. But how do you build great leaders in this culture where multiple generations of people think so differently? This interactive presentation delivers immediate and long-term takeaways for each attendee.

Communicating Your Brand

Interact and learn techniques to make your organization stand out by using everything available in your nonprofit’s toolbox. From your company’s logo to its website, all you need to get your brand seen and ensure its future performance will be addressed. Everyone from business owners to nonprofit staff and their board members will have something to take away from this presentation.

Creative Marketing on a Nonprofit Budget

In this presentation we’ll answer two of the biggest questions organizations have to answer to be successful: Where and how do we get money for marketing, and what do we do with it once we get it? Working together with Brian and other attendees, you’ll find unique solutions to these questions and come away with techniques that will sustain your organization for years to come.

Creating Great Videos for Your Organization - How and Why

Through guided discussion, you and your organization will learn what makes a good video, what makes a video relevant, common misconceptions about video, and five different types of effective videos. You’ll discuss the hows and whys of video marketing and the first and next steps to the process of creating effective videos.

Places Spoken

DeKalb Chamber of Commerce
DeKalb County Leadership Academy
Keynote for Graduation Elgin Chamber of Commerce
Northern Illinois University
Kishwaukee Community College
DeKalb Leadership Symposium
National Council for Marketing and Public Relations in Ft. Wayne, IN; Grand Rapids, MI; Davenport, IA
DeKalb County Nonprofits Partnership
Rockford Chamber Women’s Business Council


Thank you for your presentation. I feel like my journey has been somewhat similar to your beginnings and I felt inspired to keep going and make my business grow. I absolutely believe in mentoring and being mentored.
Victoria GrafPresident of Urbane Design Studio, Ltd.
Thank you for coming to speak. I have never thought of myself as 'leadership material' but I believe that it was very beneficial to me in rethinking about that! Thanks again!
Angi King

About Brian

Brian Oster headshot
Brian Oster is proud to be the Creative Director and President of OC Creative, where his team continually steps up to the challenges he sets for them as leaders in development. He encourages everyone to think independently and consider what would be best for the client—there are no cookie cutter solutions at OC. Brian has spoken all over the Midwest for higher education marketing departments, advertising groups, and other chambers of commerce from his 20 year experience in marketing and branding, and as the leader of a constantly growing creative agency. His interactive experiences will teach you how to create a brand that is not only different, but also better.


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